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PROYECTO TARHA informs next about the use of cookies at the TARHA database website (

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files automatically stored in the user's browser when visiting certain websites which come from the latter. Their tasks could be varied but they are basically used to keep connection information in the browser either during a visit's timeline (session cookies) or for a time longer than one visit (persistent cookies) in such a way this information should not have to be repeatedly collected every time the user returns to the said website (i.e., language selection, last visited page at a same site, e-commerce shopping and so on). They can also be used to collect information the website or its ownwers could be interested in (visitors IP addresses, more visited web, etc.).

Cookie Types

There are several cookie types depending on their functionality:

Own / Technical Cookies

Needed for the proper functioning of the website. Using them is essential and they hold no sensible information about the user so that he or she does not need to give his / her consent for using them but yet he / she must be informed about their existance.

Customization Cookies

Needed to determine the preferences chosen by the user while browsing the website (i.e. language selection). They do not store sensible information as well nor using them requires any consent from the user but he / she must be informed about their use as well.

The following types usually require express consent by the user for any of them to be employed.

Analytical Cookies

They keep track of the user behavior during his / her visit to the website. They could require the user's consent.

Advertisement Cookies

They keep track of the user's preferences during his / her visit to the website or another sites in order to show either generic or custom advertising (behavioral advertising cookies) usually promoted by some third-party.

Plugin Cookies

They allow to offer third-party extra functions at a website not belonging to them (i.e. Google Maps maps, social networking links, etc.).

Multimedia Playing Cookies

They allow to offer audiovisual playing functions (i.e. YouTube videos, embedded podcasts, etc.).

Which cookies do we use in the TARHA database?

In the TARHA database we use only technical and customization cookies. This stands for not requiring express consent on the visitor users' side to employ them but we do still warn about their use anyway.

The cookies we employ specifically which are kept stored in the visitor's browser are:

  • PHPSESSID: To identify every visitor session in order to keep its consistency and to provide him / her with a pleasant browsing experience.
  • language: To identify the language chosen by the visitor keeping it along the whole session.
  • _csrf: To protect the database against a particular type of cyberattacks.
  • cookieconsent_dismissed: To record whether the visitor is aware about the use of cookies at this website.

How can I delete cookies in my browser?

Depending on the browser brand one should follow the corresponding procedure among the following:

More information

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