PROYECTO TARHA is a nonprofit initiative devoted to the research and international popularization of the Ancient History of the Canary Islands through the study of documentary sources.

To achieve its objectives, PROYECTO TARHA is provided with the following resources and actions:

  1. A weblog on the history of the Canary Islands, with special emphasis on issues related to the ancient indigenous culture and the historical period covered by the European conquest of the archipelago. Posts should be bilingual at least (Spanish and English).
  2. Social networking.
  3. Promotion of cultural initiatives and scientific literature related to the above topics, provided they hold a minimum of objectivity and rigour in their contents.
  4. Fostering of scientific debate on issues related to these topics.
  5. Free, publicly-accessible, multidisciplinary database on the Ancient History of the Canary Islands.

PROYECTO TARHA is unrelated to any institution, company, group or scientific organization, either academic, economic, political or religious, either public or private, beyond whatever is strictly necessary for the fulfillment of its research and educational purposes.

PROYECTO TARHA is born with the commitment to treat topics rigorously, always making a clear distinction among objective data and hypotheses.

Who are we?

Antonio M. López Alonso

(Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1970) He holds a degree in Telecommunication Systems Engineering at the Universidad Europea de Madrid and also a degree in Telecommunication Technical Engineering, Electronic Equipments specialty, at the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. After developing his career in two telco multinationals he joined the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) where he works as an R+D+i Specialist. He authored the essay entitled Los pactos indígenas de Gran Canaria y Tenerife con el Señorío de las islas de Canaria - Una revisión cronológico-contextual (2016). Founder and promoter of PROYECTO TARHA as well as designer, developer and maintainer of the multidisciplinary documentary database belonging to this initiative.


Badayco Said Rodríguez

(Aguere - La Laguna, Tenerife, 1984) He holds a degree in History at Universidad de La Laguna and also a Senior Technician in Tourist Guiding, Information & Assistance. Being interested in decolonial studies and in Canarity problematization, he collaborates in enriching this project's bibliographic catalog.